The Top 10 BEST Things To Do in Cape Town, South Africa (2024)

As far as Urban metropolises around the world can go Cape Town in South Africa is fairly hard to beat with its chain of mountains that overlooks the equally beautiful golden beaches this is really a paradise for Thrill Seekers and  adventurous souls are you planning to pay a visit to the mother City in this article you’ll find the best activities to do in Cape Town whether you’re a budget traveler looking for free things to do or Newly Weds going after lavish experiences we have something for you on this list.In this article I will share with you top 10 best things to do in Cape Town.

Number1 (BO KAAP)


The Bo kaap is unlike other parts of Cape Town with colorful buildings throughout the street an aromatic sense of Halal food in the air walking into this neighborhood’s like walking into a different world especially given the rest of the Cities covered in monochrome many of the settlers of Bo kaap are descendants of people enslaved by the Dutch their ancestors arrived here in the 1650s from the East Indies for this reason the neighborhood as a strong root of Islamic cultures can be seen from the presence of numerous mosques another thing that makes Bo kaap and interesting neighborhood in Cape Town is its food people often call it Cape Malay Cuisine and you can see it differs from cuisine in other parts of the town is it includes more aromatic and stronger spices from the East



Stellenbosch do you know that South Africa is also a producer of high quality wine and if you’re a fan of this healthy bed and in the mood for a wine and dine session then you should schedule a visit to Stellen Bosch in the center of Cape winelands with Lush mountains and valleys in the background stellenbosch offers visitors a wonderful combo of natural beauty preserved Colonial architecture and exciting wine tasting opportunities if you call yourself a wine efficient Auto then you must visit this area hazendal wine estate is one of the wineries in this area that opens their doors to the public what unique about this place is that it mixes South African and Russian wine Traditions you can also go to Jordan Wine estate which offers you views of the surrounding mountains.



Boulders Beach Penguins if you come to Cape Town during the summer then you must ensure that you visit Boulders Beach because that’s theright time to see the Penguins in action and if you want to capture the quirky flock you should come to this place in the morning in January the penguins have been coming regularly to this island since the 1980s no one knows what drew them to this place originally but what we know so far is that there were a lot of food items available for them at that time the beach itself is managed and supervised by Table Mountain National Park which is why you’ll see it’s clean most of the time if you’re goal is getting up close with the Penguins and you should take a short walk to Foxy Beach be careful with their beaks though.

Number 7(LION'S HEAD)


lion’s head this one is the most favored hiking trail around the city especially during the full moon one of the reasons for its popularity is that it doesn’t take long for one to be able to arrive at its top and enjoy the amazing view from there the trail to the highest part of the trail is clearly marked so you can stop worrying about not knowing where to go and getting lost the path is somewhat Rocky near the top but the rest of the trail is relatively easy to go through even for kids and Elders the whole hike will take around 3 hours at Max but you should be able to complete it in under 2 hours if you don’t stop too often if you’re bringing kids with you it might be a good idea to stop the hike just before the climbing chains and metal ladders.



Chapman’s Peak Drive Chapman’s Peak Drive stretches for just 9 km but it’s one of the most scenic roads you’ll ever ride on in your life it takes you to Hal Bay from Nord Hoke and you’ll be taken through around a 100 curves and turns along the way you drive Southwest down the road you’ll arrive at Kate Point National Park people often come to this place to enjoy The View from the Cape of Good Hope they usually want to take pictures of the Atlantic Ocean colliding with the Indian Ocean.


Kirsten Bosch Gardens this burden complex is formerly recognized as the Kirsten Bosch National botanical garden and it features hundreds of plant varieties there are only a few activities on this planet that can give you a similar calming experience to taking a stroll in This Magnificent Garden it’s been named one of the best botanical gardens in the world several times and you should pay a visit here to see if that statement is true the expert team who runs and manages this is clearly doing a great job of preserving the most Exotic floral species you can get into this Garden through several entrances the most recognizable one is the Kirsten BOS main gate which is located near the souvenir shop if you’re coming from roads drive then you can take the roft gate.

Number 4(HOUT BAY)


Hout Bay Bay it takes a 30-minute ride to arrive at this place from the heart of Cape Town and it’s the perfect spot if you’re an adventure Seeker you can simply pick one of the hiking trails and get to the peaks of the Towering mountains that surround this small Bay Town if you’re not in the mood to leave your car then you can cruise through Chapman’s Peak Drive and make your way to Bay Harbor Market The Market opens from Friday evening to the weekend and you can find unique food and souvenir stalls there hoot Bay and Kate town in general is famous for these two meals snookies and Fish on the Rocks if you want something more formal you can go to mam which is near the harbor area and order a portion of fish and chips



Robben Island this island is a history packed place and it’s one of the best spots to capture the Magnificent view of Table Mountain it served numerous roles in the past centuries from a leopard colony to a wailing station to a prison for political figures the robben Island museum is the main attraction on this island it was constructed in the late 1970s and it housesnumerous historic structures including the village Precinct the good sheeper church and high security prison complexes South Africa’s hero Nelson Mandela was imprisoned on this island for almost two decades another iconic spot on Robben island is maturu chromic which is the tomb of Islamic leader shik Abdu rahan maturu who lived here in the1700s.


Muizenberg Beach right outside the Southeastern border of Cape Town lies the small city of Muizenberg Beach it’s one of South Africa’s best-kept secrets and you might be surprised to learn that it has one of the most active surfing communities in the whole country without a doubt it’s pristine Beach is the main attraction of this town but Muizenberg has more than just sand and water can for example spend a whole night partying with your travel buddies and mingling with the locals at the bar and restaurant The Brass Bell alternatively if you want to truly experience this small town like its locals then you should make a stop at moli on Sunday afternoons this place is typically packed with at least 250 people so try your best to find an empty spot and grab a plastic chair as soon as you can.



The Victoria and Alfred Waterfront situated at the edge of Cape Town’s bustling Harbor the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront which is more popular than BNA Waterfront offers visitors at wide range of dining shopping and entertainment options you can easily spend a day or two exploring this area you can stroll along the harbor and enjoy the scenic view of the water or if you want to get a unique perspective of the town you can hop on the cape wheel for families traveling with kids the two oceans aquarium is a great place to spend a whole day in the takeaway the magic and authenticity of Cape Town extend beyond its natural beauty it has a wide range of things to offer to its visitors from the opportunity to take in the view from Table Mountain to free walking tours throughout the city’s older part what’s even better is that when you compare the prices of meals and rooms here to those in other cities you’ll see that Cape Town falls into the affordable category overall this place is a must visit especially if you want to experience South Africa’s modernity well if you want to experience marvelous South African cuisine.

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